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Non-Apple branded products, compatible with iPhone models
Product packaging: 178.814cm
Packing quantity: 32psc/box
Applicable models: Apple Watch. Apple Phone. Apple Headset
Accessories: small wrenches, screws, instructions
Product color: bright black, deep gray, rose gold, silver
Product material: aluminum alloy + silicone mat

Package List:

  • Bottom non-slip rubber pad
    The bottom is made of a comprehensive anti-slip rubber pad to increase the friction between the bracket and the table.
  • Thus, the stability of the stent is achieved, and the scratch of the stent is also fully protected.
    CNC precision machining, anodizing process, no discoloration, no corrosion, more durable.
  • Secret wiring style, more fashionable, more simple, better use of your space.
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Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 160 × 100 × 100 cm

Gray, Rose Gold, Silvery, black

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