Gaming Mouse Pad Can Print OLGO Oversized Mouse Pad


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Product information:
Item No.: Mouse Pad
Model: Multi-size
Type: Games, keyboard pads, gaming mouse pads, ordinary mouse pads, wrist mouse pads, advertising mouse pads, office, USB warm series, personalized customized products, toys/models/anime
Material: rubber+cloth
Single-sided and double-sided: Single-sided
Features: wrist support, hand pillow, hand warmer, non-slip, usb hub, calculator mouse pad
Process: Heat transfer
Size: Various sizes (mm)
Occasions for gifts:
Weddings, birthdays, holidays, housewarming, trade fairs, advertising promotions, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, business gifts, opening ceremonies, awards commemoratives, public relations planning
Color: seaming 300ᅲ600ᅲ2MM, seaming 300ᅲ600ᅲ3MM, seaming 300ᅲ700ᅲ2MM, seaming 300ᅲ700ᅲ3MM, seaming 300ᅲ800ᅲ2MM, seaming 300ᅲ800ᅲ3MM, Overlock 400ᅲ900ᅲ2MM, Overlock 400ᅲ900ᅲ3MM

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Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 50 cm

300x600x2MM, 300x600x3MM, 300x700x2MM, 300x700x3MM, 300x800x2MM, 300x800x3MM, 400x900x2MM, 400x900x3MM


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